Expand Customer Reach For Health Clubs In Phoenix With SEO

August 27, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Waddell, AZ based FMS Online Marketing is reaching out to health clubs and spas across Phoenix, Arizona to help them understand the untapped potential of Search Engine Optimization. A veteran firm that specializes in Arizona Small Business SEO, FMS is keen to illustrate how SEO can be used to generate more business.

Matt Deloff of FMS Online Marketing states, “Through the work we do with clients who have yet to become familiar with its capabilities, we’ve noticed that many health club businesses in Arizona take almost no advantage of Search Engine Optimization. Any existing optimization is usually only established by accident the first time the business sets up their website. If your business is in Phoenix, there is a lot more that you can do to catch the eye of prospective individuals, and our experience and expertise can help translate those prospects into brand new customers.”

Without careful and precisely applied SEO, Deloff notes, a health club has little chance of earning a high ranking in search engine results. This means that any customer looking for health clubs in the area is more likely to find another business, especially if they had already invested in SEO themselves. Given that the influx of new customers can be as vital to a business’ success as maintaining an existing base of clients, most health club businesses do not have the luxury of overlooking either their online presence or their search engine optimization. Learn more here: SEO Phoenix AZ.

Deloff continues, “It is relatively easy to find the right keywords you need to optimize your website with. The true difficulty lies in bringing together a variety of SEO techniques that work together effectively to push your website to the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).” He explains that any health club manager can find or guess a variety of relevant keywords on their own, but it takes experience and ongoing testing to find out which elements work best in concert. This is further complicated by the fact that SEO is not relegated to keywords alone. The business’ website has to be optimized in terms of content, meta tags, schema markup, and also from a technical point of view. “Furthermore,” he advises, “since you are running a local business, you should place an emphasis on local SEO.”

For instance, he states that, “Action plans for local SEO involve setting up a complete Google My Business (GMB) listing, creating a handful of NAP-consistent business profiles on reputable directories, and encouraging happy customers to leave positive reviews. Other than that, it’s always a good idea to do some link building and to get the word out about your business in general.”

FMS’ clients frequently see the benefits of the company’s involvement in their business, and are quick to praise the company in their reviews. Chris G., one of these clients, says, “We had worked with a couple of the larger SEO companies and had seen zero response or improvement. It was reaching a point where I thought they were all corrupt, knowing most of us find SEO to be a foreign language we wouldn't dare try to learn. Then, we met FMS. Matt understood our frustration and explained why this is the common result with so many SEO companies. He put a specific plan into action and, within no time, we were getting calls. If you searched for anything related and relevant to our business, there we were at the top of page 1, without paying Google or Bing for ad placement.”

The client continues, “FMS never rests on their laurels and continues to look for ways to get their clients the best results in the digital realm, a vital place for most businesses to be at the top of the page. We are forever grateful for what FMS has done for our business and would never leave them.”

Deloff states, “FMS Online Marketing is one of the top local SEO agencies in Arizona. With our innovative techniques and over 11 years of experience, we know what it takes to get small businesses in front of their potential customers on a consistent basis. Whether you need help within the search engines, local map pack, or on social media, our ‘outside the box methods’ will do exactly that. We have an A+ rating with the Arizona BBB and a perfect 5-Star rating with Google. Let an experienced digital marketing agency help your business go to the top.”

Those who wish to learn more about the agency or Facebook advertising for small business may contact Matt Deloff of FMS Online Marketing. Furthermore, interested parties may connect with FMS by filling in the contact form on their website or by following the company on their social media platforms.


For more information about FMS Online Marketing, contact the company here:

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FMS Online Marketing 18004 W Lawrence Ln Waddell,AZ 85355

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