Cancer Journeys Foundation Takes Strides In Raising Prostate Cancer Awareness

September 18, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Manhattan Beach, California based Cancer Journeys Foundation is pleased to invite their community to the 2020 Alpine Loop Gran Fondo, which will continue virtually despite recent setbacks. More information is available here:

"The past few months have been difficult for everyone, though we see this as an opportunity to make the best out of a bad situation and show support for those struggling against cancer," states Robert Hess, the CEO of the Cancer Journeys Foundation. While the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the cancellation of most group events all across the world, they already count on the participation of 205 cyclists who have been riding in support of the 2020 Alpine Loop Gran Fondo virtually to raise men's awareness of prostate cancer.

Hess states, "Despite all setbacks, we are very hopeful for the results of this year's events. As of September 15, 2020, the Band of 205 has ridden just short of 20,000 miles, putting us way ahead of schedule to achieve our goal of riding 33,000 miles. We are very grateful to the riders competing in this year's event for this. It is all about fun, fitness and prostate cancer awareness. We want to send out words of encouragement to our riders as well as the community, as anyone can participate in this fun event and support a good cause. Anyone interested in the event can track the progress of participants on at #MyGranFondo Club."

The yearly cycling event is held throughout September, as this is the Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. All month long, members of the Alpine Loop Gran Fondo community work together with the goal of riding 33,000 miles in honor of the annual number of lives claimed by prostate cancer within the US. While registrations are closed for this year's official event, the Cancer Journeys Foundation states that they are hosting a nation-wide KOM/Sprint competition, which is available for any riders who want to show their support for this important matter. They can register at

For the main event itself, the Cancer Journeys Foundation invites participants to join the 2020 Alpine Loop Gran Fondo #MyGranFondo Challenge Strava Club where their miles will count toward this collaborative goal. For convenience's purpose, the company adds that participants who do not use Strava can email their daily or weekly mileage tally with their mileage in the subject line and have their miles registered.

They add that, while the circumstances for the event are unique, most aspects of it will remain the same. Each week, participants will be given new challenges to complete alongside added incentives. Just like at the annual in-person event, riders will have an opportunity to win King or Queen of the Mountain jerseys by being first in their age groups as well. This year, for the first time, riders can also compete for a green sprinter's jersey.

"We hope to help save lives through this initiative, as prostate cancer is something that should not be taken lightly," states Hess. He continues, "Prostate cancer is called a 'silent killer' because it shows no symptoms until it reaches an advanced stage and is difficult, if not impossible to cure. One in seven men will have prostate cancer. The best defense is to take an annual PSA blood test beginning at age 35 and personally track any change from one year to the next." "I am very thankful to the men and women riding this year because each of them is an ambassador for prostate cancer prevention."

The Cancer Journeys Foundation works along with several other companies to make the 2020 Alpine Loop Gran Fondo event possible. One of these is the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project (PCAP), which was founded with the hope that no man will experience a post-metastasis prostate cancer diagnosis in the future. One in every six men will develop prostate cancer, but simple blood tests allow for early detection. The PCAP encourages all men to have these tests carried out, and personally track their annual results, as part of an annual physical exam and consultation with their doctor.

The company's website offers more details on Cancer Journeys Foundation and how to support the 2020 Alpine Loop Gran Fondo. Interested parties may reach out to Robert Hess to follow up on any inquiries as well. Further details on how to register for the event are available here:


For more information about Cancer Journeys Foundation, contact the company here:

Cancer Journeys Foundation
Robert Hess
1601 N Sepulveda Blvd
Suite 576
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

ReleaseID: 60038227

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