Red Square, Bangkok temple among ice festival sculptures

Jan 5, 2018

Ice sculptures of Moscow's Red Square and Bangkok's Temple of the Emerald Buddha are among landmarks featured in the world's largest ice festival

China's crackdown on Uighurs spreads to even mild critics

Dec 28, 2017

Chinese authorities have not only imposed a massive crackdown on Uighur activists in the far western region of Xinjiang, but also punished even moderate critics.

Philippine Congress votes to extend martial law in south

Dec 13, 2017

The Philippine Congress has voted overwhelmingly to approve the president's request to extend martial law in the south by a year after the military warned that terrorist threats continue despite the defeat of a siege by pro-Islamic State group militants

Duterte asks Philippine Congress to extend martial law

Dec 11, 2017

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has asked Congress to extend the martial law he declared in the south by one year to ensure the "total eradication" of pro-Islamic State group extremists

Philippine military wants martial law extended in south

Dec 8, 2017

The Philippine military and police have asked the president to extend martial law he declared in the country's south by a year because of continuing threats from pro-Islamic State group militants and communist guerrillas

Myanmar's Suu Kyi meets China's Xi as Rohingya censure grows

Dec 1, 2017

Myanmar's civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi meets President Xi Jinping on a visit to friendly neighbor China, as international criticism over her country's persecution of Rohingya Muslims continues to grow

Report: Tibetan monk sets himself on fire in western China

Nov 30, 2017

A monitoring group says a Tibetan monk has set himself on fire in western China in an apparent protest against Chinese rule in the traditionally Tibetan region

Philippines to extradite priest accused of molesting US boys

Nov 22, 2017

An official says the Philippine government is preparing to extradite to the United States a recently arrested Filipino Catholic priest who faces charges of sexually molesting two boys in North Dakota churches in the 1990s

China widens personality cult around 'unrivaled helmsman' Xi

Nov 22, 2017

Entering his second term as Communist Party leader, Xi Jinping sits at the helm of China's most lavish cult of personality since the founder of the People's Republic, Mao Zedong

Philippine court convicts bomber in congressman's death

Nov 18, 2017

A Philippine court has convicted a man of multiple murder for a 2007 motorcycle bomb attack that killed a Muslim rebel-turned-congressman and three other people