Colleges grappling with balancing free speech, campus safety

Aug 20, 2017

After Charlottesville, students, parents worry about safety on campus; administrators rethink security protocols

From age 3 to 80, Barcelona victims represent a wide world

Aug 19, 2017

An Italian father, an American groom, and a Portuguese grandmother were but a few of the more than 100 people from around the world killed or injured in Barcelona's attacks

Family: California man celebrating marriage killed in Spain

Aug 19, 2017

The family of a California man says he was on his first international trip and was celebrating his marriage when he was killed in a truck attack in Spain

Sisters Lynne and Moorer finally working together

Aug 17, 2017

Sisters Shelby Lynne and Allison Moorer, two decades into successful solo careers, have finally collaborated on their first disc

Austrian police: Sleeping toddler left in car, dies in heat

Aug 17, 2017

An Austrian toddler died of heatstroke after he was left in a car for several hours during high temperatures, police said Thursday following an autopsy

US vet returns dead Japanese soldier's flag to emotional kin

Aug 16, 2017

Calligraphy-covered Japanese flag one soldier took with him to World War II's Pacific battlefields is returned to his grateful, tearful siblings by US Marine who also told them where their brother fell

The Latest: US WWII vet says he, Japan family can move on

Aug 15, 2017

A U.S. World War II veteran says by returning a flag he took from a fallen Japanese soldier to his siblings, both he and the family can now move on

The Latest: Brother thanks US WWII vet for returning flag

Aug 15, 2017

The younger brother of a fallen Japanese soldier has thanked a U.S. World War II veteran for traveling all the way from his hometown of Montana to a small village in central Japan to return the Japanese flag he took from the brother's body

Japanese siblings accept WWII soldier's flag from US veteran

Aug 15, 2017

When former U.S. Marine handed a calligraphy-covered flag he took from a fallen Japanese soldier in World War II back to the man's family, he understood what it meant to them

Liz Weston: How to stop being the family ATM

Aug 14, 2017

Your family probably knows how to push your buttons - including the ones that enable their self-destructive financial behaviors

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